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Swap TIME Fix

Fixing the time settings for your account in the Recipe Swap

Like many websites, users from different parts of the world and even just in North America, are reading and participating in the Recipe Swap from various time zones.  So if I make a post in the Recipe Swap at 7:42 pm PST, if my post diplays in that fashion "7:42 pm PST" does a user in say Italy, want to do the math to figure out when it was posted relative to their time of day?  Wouldn't it be better

that the Swap just display all times relative to the specific user viewing any given thread or post?  The Recipe Swap does this so that any member who is logged in, sets their own time zone and then any date references in a forum, thread or post get displayed in the way that makes sense to them - i.e. in their own time zone instead of clarifying that it was posted at a specific time in any particular time zone: PST, GMT, EDT etc.

UPDATE: Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods.  Use this link for the current offset:

The server time is set to UTC. (coordinated universal time)

Go to your account.  The link I've included should take you there as long as you are currently logged in.  Or from the top menu go to "Account" then click "Account Options."
In the field for "Time Offset" put in a value to offset from UTC.  In my case I am in California so my offset is -8

Then hit the submit button.

For reference:
New York / East coast would be -5
Chicago: -6
Denver: -7
San Francisco: -8
Anchorage: -9
Honolulu: -10
And here is a link to a UTC reference:


User Account Options for Swap


Account options for Recipe Swap

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