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Why I talk to myself on Twitter

Why I talk to myself on Twitter

It was in the second week of July in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Thirteen, that we made the ground-breaking, massive redesign of the Eat.at Facebook page.  This step in the evolution of what we today fondly refer to as our Eat.at Social Marketing (SMO), and Social Brand Identity (SBI) and LMPSOAOOMA efforts, was widely recognized as a paradigmatic shift in the way that underused, neglected and otherwise wayward Facebook pages are redesigned.

Well today, once again we are breaking new ground in the world of what the Germans refer to as "├╝berstrapaziert Schlagworte und Akronyme" with what has been described by someone as the awesomest of awesome twitter profile redesigns.

We, as good form dictates, have done the obligatory follow of Anthony Bourdain.  Man-crush aside however, we promise not to retweet his every utterance, repost pictures of his daughter in Tokyo or try to engage the man in pithy banter in the goal of feeling like one of the cool kids on the Twitter playground.

We'd much rather share recipes with you.  Give us a follow.  Until then I'm really just talking to myself in 140 characters or less, right? 


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