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And here's my recipe for the Cha Siew (Chinese Roast Pork_)

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Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 12:07:17 GMT
From: Pat/Harpers Ferry sitting on my hands long enough! (@

OK, guys, I can't help myself! Here's my REC for marinade for Cha Siew Pork! >>
I followed my cook around the kitchen in
Kuala Lumpur for this one. You can use the
thin sliced meat for fried rice or stir fry
dishes, or to make yummy cha siew pao
(steamed pork buns).

For a 5 pound pork loin:

Cut the meat into strips 2"x2" and as long as
you like (I cut mine about 6" long)
Marinate for 24 hours in the following:

10 oz granulated sugar
3 tsp salt
2T sesame oil
2T dark, thick soy sauce
3T light soy sauce
Red food coloring (traditonal, but optional)

Note: If you can't find the thick soy sauce,
substitute hoisin sauce. The flavor is a
little different, but still delicious!

Grill the meat on racks over charcoal,
basting frequently until the meat is firm and
well done. I arrange the coals around a drip
pan so the marinade doesn't drip into the
fire. If you have the small rib racks, you
can stand the meat in them so it is easy to
baste. Watch it carefully, as the sugar in
the marinade will burn easily.

Watch your plate afterwards! My family has
become rather adept at cha siew pork theft!

To serve the meat, slice thinly to make
little 2x2 pieces for stir-fry dishes. To
freeze, leave in strips and slice when you
use it.

Note: I chop the meat for the Cha Siew Pao -- not too fine, but the slices don't wrap well.

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