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Learning: Do not proof while dog sitting.....Yesterday, I was so proud of myself w/ todays economy

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Posted to Thread #14093 at 3:16 pm on Mar 10, 2009

of finding something different to use my about to expire cottage cheese. I found Randi's rec: for Herbed cottage cheese bread. Was up for the challenge, and substituted basically any and all italian seasonings that I have in the closet, then added some hot chili flakes. I am not a baker, so just kind of was winging it..(ie first proof, while looked gorgeous was much longer than 45 minutes...I was busy and forgot about it...)

Side bar...I am dog sitting. My mom and dad's baby...10 lb lil bichon/westie mix. She discovered the bread while just about finished with the second proof. I was pre-heating the oven late last night, only to discover that she ate one loaf!!

Vet (Known for many, many years) said go directly to the overnight animerge. They discussed stomach surgery, concerns about her heart and pancreas if it continues to proof....Very scary!

All worked out OK in the end. They pumped her stomach. (Poor thing!) No surgery req'd. I was beside myself thinking how I can explain this to my parents if there was a bad outcome. I was up the entire night, watching her to make sure she was breathing. Very scary.....

She is OK today, a lil tired, and sluggish, but OK. SO....Learnings:
- Randi's bread smelled wonderful, and is really easy
- Daisy (Dog) loved the uncooked bread
- When proofing, make sure that there is NO way that an animal can discover it. (I love Joanie's idea re: car)
-And lastly, most importantly....Here, I was feeling economically savy, by using about to expire cottage cheese, and ended up paying hundreds to have her stomach pumped!!!

No Proofing at doggie level!

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