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Rec: Louisiana Deviled Crab Cakes. I really loved this recipe, and although it was tricky,

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obstacles can be overcome!

I made this recipe today by prepping the veggies and so forth late this afternoon. I followed the recipe with the exception of following some reviewers’ suggestions such as using Panko crumbs, chilling, and searing.

I used an 8 oz. container of my favorite (from back in Philly!) pasteurized Phillips’ backfin crab meat that I bought on sale. I also used Lurpak’s slightly salted Danish butter that I bought at Publix (I’m SO happy to find it down here as Super Fresh in Wynnewood, PA doesn’t carry it anymore!!). Cooking the trinity took about 15 minutes instead of the eight as mentioned in the recipe, so as not to burn. After lightly forking the crab meat and gently mixing the ingredients in a ceramic bowl, I used rubber gloves and formed THREE patties in my ¼ pound hamburger press to form. I wanted to use my round tin-boxed 2.5 – 3”+ cookie cutter rings to make four patties, but could not find them on my list of my 60+ packed boxes from Philly… I probably “stuffed” them into a box without taking note but so-as-to-meet the mover's required cubic ft. that was a binding contract… no biggie!

After forming in my hamburger press, I gently layed the patties on a plate of Panko and that’s when things went wrong. They immediately started to break apart. I recall a reviewer having the same problem. I quickly but gently reinforced them with my hands and placed them on a Styrofoam plate and wrapped with plastic wrap and prayed for the best to chill and firm-up in the fridge. I really think that they should be chilled for an hour or more before coating in Panko or whatever you want to use.

Being curious to see if one hour of chilling would do the trick, I seared one tonight in ample butter and evoo and lowered the heat to finish at a minimum internal temperature for seafood/crab meat: 145°F (63°C) for 15 seconds and it was sooo good and held together! One hour of chilling worked!! I just used store-bought tarter sauce that was in the fridge, as I didn’t want to go all-out in case I didn’t like these.

This recipe was great but tricky. You must follow the recipe and gently form the patties using some kind of mold and refrigerate very quickly. They will bind after an hour as I’ve experienced, but I think you should gently sprinkle and press your “crumbs of preference” using Styrofoam plates after they’ve been chilled for at least an hour.

Now that I love this recipe, I have to think of an excellent topping!

P.S. I didn't find this recipe too hot or spicy as written, but of course, it's all relative to your own taste buds.

Link: Louisiana Deviled Crab Cakes

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