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and here I was thinking I should check the woods for porcini...

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Posted to Thread #14772 at 7:33 pm on May 13, 2009

actually, the trumpets are closely related oyster mushrooms and aren't in the bolete family. but there is a strong resemblance to them.

it's the porcini I go out for in the fall. there are only 3 shrooms I will pick but seem to fixated on the kings. porcini does have a look alike and it's the amanitas... aka, and brace yourself..... death caps but, the porcini have a "sponge" instead of gills so pretty easy to tell them apart.

in case you missed the post, this was two years ago when I picked 80 lbs. Don had to use a flash so I look like crap but I wasn't not going to get pics of one hour's haul :-)

do you go shrooming with your friend? it's a well rewarded walk in the woods :-)

can't wait to see your next blog :-)


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