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Roasted Chicken in Milk, tasty but visually......

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Posted to Thread #15250 at 7:18 am on Jun 24, 2009

awfully unappealing!

It was so funny, I made this last night over at a friends place, and was merrily cooking away, it looked terrific after browning, and while it was cooking the house smelled so good! After 90 minutes it was perfectly cooked, so tender and yet so flavorful.

The sauce, however, was very very unattractive. I made a bagna cauda with a big bowl of romaine spears, celery and a tomato with a knife tucked in the bowl (my "deconstructed/unconstructed" salad), and foccachia from TJ's. Next to this lovely sight I put the sauce from the chicken in a bowl as I just couldn't bear to obstruct the lovely chicken with it. I said nothing.

My friend and I tucked in, tasting this and that, and she looks at the sauce and says:
A: It looks curdled.
H: Yes, supposedly the lemon zest does that.
A: Huh.
H: Well, does it taste good?
A: (Looking away from the sauce), yeahhh..... (pause)
H: You don't like it?
A: It tastes good but..... (pause)

Then she said something that I cannot quote only to state that most ladies have had the unfortunate experience of needing to visit the doc for some treatment for a common ailment, and that the sauce reminded her of this tragic experience, and we just looked at each other without speaking for a few moments. Then, burst into such peals of laughter! My sides were aching. We made her dogs bark and circle the table! Only true friends could get over a moment such as this.

Without a word I carried the offending sauce to the kitchen, put it on the floor and hollered "Doggies!!!" They came running and solved the problem. Then we enjoyed the rest of the dinner. Oh my, it truly was delicious! But hilarious and not a recipe I will repeat. Not after *that*.

I am, however, considering trying this with coconut milk and perhaps lime zest instead of lemon or omitting the sage or something like that, just to play around with it a bit. Or maybe not....

(my apologies if anyone is offended by this tale, I thought it was just really hilarious).

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