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Rec: Chicken Tsukune Recipe (Simmered) - Japanese Recipe

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I had a choice of either a jumbo white egg or medium brown egg that I had on hand and so I used the jumbo egg. Although I mixed everything rather quickly and with no heat to complain of in the kitchen, the mixture was quite soggy. I formed the patties as best and as fast as I could and placed them on three Styrofoam plates to chill for almost a half hour in the fridge.

I discovered a new trick to extract ginger juice! Instead of grating the ginger and squeezing out in cheesecloth (which I couldn’t find readily that I packed), I snipped the stapled top off of one teabag, emptied each side of tea and cut through the “cylinder” with scissors. I placed the opened teabag on a Styrofoam plate and proceeded to squeeze three chunks-to-fit my garlic press onto it. After doing so, whatever ginger residue that was on top of the opened teabag was simply squeezed out. It worked beautifully! All you have to do is just scrape out the ginger in your garlic press with your forefinger before doing the next squeeze. It really was simple.

I used two slices of minced white onion.

This is a very forgiving recipe. I placed the meatballs in my nonstick 13” Calphalon Chef Pan. In the boiling water, they cooked very well and did not stick and I turned them after three minutes and cooked for another three minutes before covering and simmering in the mirin and low sodium soy sauce. I then placed them on paper-toweled Styrofoam plates to cool for five minutes. They were still hot so I simply put them in the dish and spread them out to cool more.

Please excuse the presentation. I wanted to try them before considering improving on the sauce/appearance. They’re so delicious on their own but I think that a good dipping sauce in lieu of the generic Teriyaki sauce that I used would be in order. Yakitori sauce is another option. In fact, just use your favorite Oriental sauce.

They were very tender, delicious, and juicy! This is a great chicken meatball that has a lot of potential. It’s just a matter of what type of sauce you want to serve them with.

Edited to say to add the flour in the mix as sole reviewer suggested!

Link: Chicken Tsukune Recipe (Simmered) - Japanese Recipe

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