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NP - here goes - these are so simple it's a crime.

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Peachie's Sweet Hots

I now make these all the way from scratch by starting with whole jalepeno peppers and slicing them thick and picklin them. After they have pickled, I pick up here. Or you can start with pickled jalepenos - I prefer to buy whole ones and slice them myself but you can really cheat and start with sliced pickled jalepenos.

Slice your jalepenos slightly thicker than the normal jarred slices if you are starting with whole peppers. Place in a colander to drain. You want to get as much liquid out as possible but don't squeeze them or anything like that. Save juices to make hot carrots!

Place a layer of sliced peppers in the bottom of the jar. Spoon enough sugar over to make a layer. Repeat until all peppers are used and finish with a good layer of sugar. Place lid on jar and place in pantry. Every day or so, shake them or turn them upside down to keep the sugar from settling at the bottom. When the sugar is all dissolved, check peppers. It takes about a week but they will make a syrup and be candied.

That's all there is to it. I play around with all sorts of peppers this way - mix and match. You can add sme garlic to the jar to give them a little more garlic flavor. I've also added about a teaspoon of pickling spices to the jar also but didn't particularly care for that flavor and if you do, try it but put the spices in a piece of cheesecloth and tie it up.

These are absolutely KILLER with bbq! BBQ chicken nachos, etc. It's a nice twist in lieu of a sweet pickle or regular jalepenos.

You can also dice and make into a relish that is great on hot dogs or make a dip by mixing a block of cream cheese and shredded cheese with a bunch of the 'relish'.

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