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I FINALLY found all of you... Help with Crockpot...

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Posted to Thread #1645 at 6:16 pm on Apr 29, 2006

It took me awhile, but I found where all of the former Gail regulars are posting. It's such a relief to see Richard of Cincy, Kathy Z, and Michael in Phoenix to name a few posting again....

And now on to my question. I'm in the market for a new stainless crockpot. Apparently Cuisinart is not good, and I'm reading that AllClad has coils on the bottom instead of the sides, but the Breville seems to be well reviewed, with coils that wrap around the side and even heat.

Has anybody bought a crock lately, and had good luck with it? Mine are from the 70's, and still work great, but it's time to update since I want to leave one set out... I need direction, please.

So happy to see all of you!!!

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