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Another use for rice pudding: substituting for pastry cream in fruit tarts

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Posted to Thread #16175 at 1:46 pm on Sep 13, 2009

Condensed ideas from Dessert University by Roland Mesnier.

Starting with a sweet pastry base (pâte sucrée), pour the hot rice pudding into the baked shell and let it come to room temperature.
Cover with fresh fruit and then fruit glaze.

pâte sucrée
rice pudding
3 plums
6 peaches
1.5 C raspbery jelly glaze

pâte sucrée
rice pudding (or pastry cream)
3 lbs fresh or canned apricots
1 C apricot jam (heated and strained)

This one looks like a large sunflower:
pâte sucrée
rice pudding (or pastry cream)
2 large fresh mangos, sliced
1/2 C strained apricot jam
chocolate jimmies (piled into center)
crushed pistachio (sprinkled around perimeter, for color contrast and texture).

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