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Melissa Dallas

Crack Pie Indeed!

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Posted to Thread #17990 at 1:26 am on Mar 27, 2010

I took one out of the oven a few hours ago. It will really be better chilled as recommended for the texture (it's so rich it practically oozes browned butter warm) but it is pretty amazing. It was very different than I expected. The crust mixture on the first baking turns out more like a thin layer of cake baked crispy rather than oatmeal cookie/granola like I expected. Rebaked as prepared for the shell it is very luscious. The filling comes out almost like a lighter butterscotch brownie batter than a chess pie, which is what I was picturing. All, in all-very different and very good. I made the whole crust recipe and froze half of them and made one pie in a nine inch pan-I added about 5 minutes to the baking time. Anyone who loves caramelly, butterscotch stuff will definitely like this.


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