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Rec: Hong Kong (Fragrant Harbour) Style Fried Rice. My dinner last night and the best fried rice I

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ever had!

My notes:

I typically try to follow recipes to the tee when trying for the first time, but in this one, I used 8 oz. of small shrimp in lieu of 4 oz. of same plus 4 oz. of pork, since that’s what I had on hand. I also didn’t want to add more pork since the recipe already called for Chinese sausage (Lap Cheong).

I used three links of the Chinese sausage that equaled 4.5 oz. on my scale. I fried the sausage but should have done more research (or read the bloody label!) as it’s typically steamed. It’s rather greasy and snap, crackles, and pops while frying. I used one cup of jasmine rice that was boiled the night before in 1.5 cups of water with 1/2 TBS of salt. I did without the Chinese mushrooms. I thinly sliced up one large white onion to 1/8” and used about two-thirds. I tried “shredding” the scallions but it was no use! I just sliced them very thin. I used two deseeded dried red chilies and it gave the dish a nice bite without being too hot.

This was a great one-meal dish and can be altered to suit your taste in so many ways. Just add a minimal amount of oil (I used canola) when needed. Each and every bite was chock-full of flavor and texture.

P.S. I ate a big chunk out of the fried rice before soon realizing I’d forgotten the sliced egg in the fridge! So-very-not-a-problem and I have at least two more meals to polish it off. Poor me……

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Link: Hong Kong (Fragrant Harbour) Style Fried Rice

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