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Posted to Thread #18927 at 2:00 am on Sep 4, 2010

Several years ago (and I mean SEVERAL), I devised a simplistic method to eliminate the need for a paper towel dispenser due to my own practicality.

I sit down at my leisure with a glass of wine or beer and cheese and hand-perforate my Bounty paper towels while watching TV or listening to the radio............. There IS a method to my madness. I criss-cross them and lay them on top of my fridge (see photo below) so that I can pluck them as needed for kitchen or general household duties.

I know it's a sick OCD habit, but it's very therapeutic for me and I don't have to worry about my dirty hands contaminating or "wetting" the remaining paper towels.

When I lived at Dad's, I found myself perforating 5-6 rolls at a time you should have seen his face when I placed them on one of his chairs for future cleaning duties! What a cheap stress-reliever it was - LOL!!

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