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REC: Grammy's Pea Soup

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Grammyís Pea Soup

Measurements in this are very *approximate* - donít feel you have to measure everything exactly.

1 large ham bone or 2 ham hocks
4 cups celery, sliced
1 large onion, chopped
4 cups carrots, sliced (this is a 1-lb. package)
1 bay leaf
Lawry Seasoning salt and pepper to taste
2 rounded tsp. Better Than Bouillon chicken base
2 medium baking potatoes, cubed
1 lb. bag peas, rinsed and stones removed

Put ham bone or hocks in pot with enough water to cover them. Simmer for a couple of hours then cool. Remove bone or hocks and put the cooking water into fridge overnight. The next day you will have a layer of fat on top - skim and throw this away. To the liquid that is left, add water to it to make 10 cups liquid, in a large pot. To the pot, add everything but the ham and potatoes. Simmer for several hours, stirring occasionally - near the end it will get very thick as the peas finish cooking, so be careful not to scorch it. Add water as necessary. While itís cooking, remove ham pieces from bone and set aside. Just before soup is done, add potatoes and ham bits then cook 30 minutes more.
NOTE: This freezes well.

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