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Rec: Perfect coffee from concentrate

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I have to thank Cyndi for this great recipe. It is so handy to have in the busy holiday season. You can make a quick cup of coffee and as strong as you want it. Thanks Cyndi.

REC: Perfect Coffee
I have been using this method for many years
to make my own concentrate. It's fantastic!


Perfect Coffee (from Sunset Magazine)

Place 1 lb. of your favorite brand of
regular grind coffee in a large bowl or
other container. Add 7 cups cold water.
Gently push grounds down into water to
moisten. Cover container and let stand at
least 8 hr. or overnight.

Line a large strainer with a double
thickness of paper towels or coffee-maker
filter paper. Set in another bowl; pour
liquid and grounds into the strainer,
allowing the concentrated coffee to pass
through the filter. Discard the grounds
(they are great for fertilizer...) Allow
the concentrate to settle, then restrain for
settlement. Cover the filtered liquid and
refrigerate. (I keep mine in a large glass
bottle.) Makes about 3 1/2 c. liquid coffee

Individual taste determines the amount of
concentrate you use. BTW, it also is less
bitter than brewed coffee.

Hot coffee: Use about 2 1/2 T. liquid per
cup of hot water.

Iced coffee: Use 3-4 T. per 10-oz. glass,
with cold water and ice to fill.

Cafe au Lait: Use 2 1/2 T. to each 6-7 oz.
cup, using hot milk to fill.

Cooking with the coffee concentrate:

Lamb or beef stew: for stew made with 1 1/2
to 2 lb. meat, add 1/12 c. concentrate in
place of 1/2 c. liquid called for in recipe.

Broiled or roasted meats: Mix equal parts
of concentrate and vegetable oil. Brush
frequently over surfaces of beef or lamb to
baste while cooking.

Quick Sundae Sauce: Heat 1/2 c. honey with
2-3 T. concentrate, stirring to blend.
Serve warm or cold, spooned over vanilla,
chocolate or toasted almond ice cream.

or buy a "toddy maker"

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