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You've got to try Josh's recipe for Twinkie Tiramisu, before you turn your noses up. I admit

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some of the recipes ARE tacky, but this one is a real winner!!!
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 18:35:36 GMT
From: Josh

REC: Twinkie Tiramisu (can't believe I made this, but it's really GOOD and EASY!)
We saw this on the Travel Channel a week or
so ago and chuckled about it. Then, a couple
of days ago, I thought, "Laura probably
doesn't like Tiramisu, because she doesn't
like coffee flavor in her desserts, but at
least this will be easy...and who knows?"

So I made it. Other than the chilling time
involved, it takes only minutes to put
together. And surprise, we LOVE it! Laura
doesn't like the alcoholic taste (between
the rum and Kahlua, there's a full cup of
liquor in it), but she loved it otherwise
and I think it's excellent.

We're freezing some of it to try it that
way, as the recipe suggests.



1 box of Twinkies (10)
16 oz of Ricotta cheese
8 oz of Mascarpone cheese
1 lb of Powdered Sugar
2 oz of Dark Rum
6 oz of Kahlua
1 Hershey's Chocolate Bar (milk or dark
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder


Line a 9" x 13" x 3" pan (or similar size)
with Twinkies. Distribute for even coverage.
Drizzle Twinkies with Kahlua and let them

Next, combine Ricotta and Marscapone with a
large spoon until smooth. Slowly begin to
add Powdered Sugar (reserve 1/8th package of
sugar for garnish) and whisk until mixture
is smooth but heavy. Add Dark Rum and
continue to whisk until fully combined and
mixture is fuller and lighter. Taste mixture
for desired sweetness (do not add more rum
or Tiramisu will not set properly).

Pour cheese mixture evenly over Twinkies in
pan, use a soft spatula to smooth mixture
and distribute in-between Twinkies and into
corners. Cover and place pan in refrigerator
for four hours to set.

To finish, sprinkle Cocoa Powder liberally
over top of Tiramisu. Then grate Chocolate
Bar and drizzle shavings over the top as
well. To serve, cut into pieces and dust
with powdered sugar. Enjoy!

For something different, try Frozen Twinkie
Tiramisu by freezing overnight (just
remember to cut pieces out with a hot,
butter knife) it's decadent!


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