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REC: Oatmeal Stout Gingerbread

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Please read my notes at the bottom of the recipe...

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Oatmeal Stout Gingerbread

Recipe By : Claudia Fleming, Gramercy Tavern, with tweaks
Serving Size : 12
Categories : Cakes Desserts
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Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 Cup Oatmeal Stout
1 Cup Unsulphured Molasses
1/2 Tablespoon Baking Soda
3 Large Eggs
1/3 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Dark Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup Grapeseed Or Vegetable Oil
2 Cups All-Purpose Flour
2 Tablespoons Ground Ginger
1 1/2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
3/4 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
1/4 Teaspoon Ground Cloves
1/4 Teaspoon Freshly Ground Nutmeg
1/8 Teaspoon Ground Cardamom
1 Tablespoon Fresh Ginger Root -- grated

Preheat oven to 350F.
Grease a 4x13" (or other large/long pan)loaf pan, line it with parchment paper and grease the paper.
In a large saucepan over high heat, combine the stout and molasses and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and add baking soda. Allow to sit until the foam dissipates. (large pan is to allow room for the foam)
In a bowl, whisk together the eggs and sugars. Add the oil and whisk to combine.
In a separate bowl, whisk together the flour, ground ginger, baking powder, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cardamom.
Combine the stout mixture with the egg mixture, then add the liquid to the flour mixture, half at a time. Take care not to over mix. Pour the batter through a sieve to get rid of any flour lumps (I did not do this, had no lumps).
Add the fresh ginger and stir to combine.
Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for 1 hour. Do not open the oven until the gingerbread is almost done, or the center might fall slightly.
Cool in the pan, then turn out, peel off the paper and serve.

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NOTES : I reduced the amount of oil to 1/2 cup. (Original recipe called for 3/4 cup) This produced a much less greasy cake, but it also rose a lot more! So, it will no longer fit into a 9x5 loaf. It will fit into a 4 x 13 pan.
I think the oil can be reduced even a slight bit more, and I am also going to try subbing 1/4 to 1/3 of the flour with organic whole wheat flour.
If oatmeal stout is not available, any stout will work. I've made it using chocolate stout with wonderful results.

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