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Long NRC and a good ending.

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Posted to Thread #20593 at 12:42 am on Sep 30, 2011

I have to share this with you. I wish Randi was here to read this, because she would have guided me much sooner.
Last week, I saw a stray dog outside in our backyard. I am leery of stray dogs since the pit bull came into our yard and had our neighbor's beagle on his back ready to attack him. I got my plastic plates out and starting throwing them at the pit, and he finally ran away.
Anyway, I saw the stray dog in our backyard, and went to bed. During the night Bub, had to let one of dogs out. The next morning, I woke up to our dogs barking in our bathroom. I told Bub that there was something in our bathroom, and he said, no there is nothing in our bathroom. I turned on the bathroom light, and there was the stray dog, curled up on the bathroom rug.
I couldn't believe that Bub had let the stray dog in. He took him out and I got ready for work. I came downstairs and there is the dog again, eating the cat food. I finally noticed that the screen from the window in the family room was pulled out and he had gotten in through the window. I put him outside again, and he started running around the house, looking in our windows and crying. We closed up the deck and the dog jumped the gate, which is about a 5 foot clearance.
Since where we live, there is no pound or shelter, my nephew took the dog in to hopefully get adopted. I wanted to adopt the dog immediately but we already have three very big dogs, and I certainly wasn't looking for another. That dog came into our house through a window, went up the stairs, and went past three sleeping dogs in our bedroom, and went to sleep in our bathroom. The whole thing just amazed me.
Bub was so against us getting another dog. We have a deal, no major decisions without both of us agreeing. And he would not let me adopt the dog. I told the shelter to please call me if they were going to put the pup down. They did, and I told Bub, and he told me to do what I thought was best.
Tonight, we have a new dog. He is so good and sweet. He could care less about the cats, loves the other dogs, and has already discovered the fabulous toilet water. I am so happy.
However, I lose out on our family get away this weekend, since I have to supervise the new member of the family.
I was so emotional the last few days, so torn. Then my sister-in-law asked how Bandit was doing. The shelter had no idea who Bandit was. She explained who the dog was. In my head, I had been calling the dog Bandit. Neither of us had told the other what we had named him.
He is sleeping off the anesthesia from being neutered, but he is a happy dog.
Please adopt an animal from the Animal Shelter. They put so many animals down everyday. They aren't purebreds usually, but they are sweet dogs and cats that need homes.
I am very happy tonight.

Sometimes you just need to look reality in the eye, and deny it. �Garrison Keillor

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