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Kitchen Aid update, for anyone interested: He shoots....

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Posted to Thread #22034 at 11:20 pm on Apr 30, 2012

...He Scores!

I went to Macy's with what I thought was a 25% plus 10% off coupon (for a total of 35% off the SALE price of the KA Pro 600) and was told I was reading it wrong. (All of you were SO right about those coupons!) The sales person said the coupon EXCLUDES the 25% and only allows me 10% off the sale price!

I was not happy (imagine that!), as the wording left plenty of doubt as to the actual discount that applied to "electrics". I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I listened politely to the supervisor explain my 10% discount. Then I walked her through my reading of the large and small print. I explained that the conclusion I came to was that I was able to get a 35% discount off the sale price.

I pointed out that this "Friends and Family" coupon was sent to me by a long-time friend who is a long-time employee of Macy's and a regional manager. I kind of cringed (in the most endearing way I know how to project) when I mentioned a "10% off discount wasn't really that spectacular when it comes from an employee you know personally".

She agreed and made an exception. Huzzah!

So, the mixer was 20% off (sale price) and then they took another 35% off of that. I was thrilled!

Nice job, Macy's!


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