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I think that was all inevitable given the sudden popularity. I used to buy oil with a truffle in it

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but years ago, I think that's all there was. The flavour is so intoxicating and truffles so unaffordable, that I don't really care. That and the teflon concerns were 2 that we decided were worth any risk.

We went to the Alba truffle fair about 18 years ago, to find that the entire city was consumed with the perfume of the little beasts, both black and white. Upon entering the big tent where the locals displayed their tiny treasures, one could be knocked over by the intensity of the aroma. That was definitely one of life's heady pleasures. Then, much of the production was seemingly quite genuine. Tartufata, which I brought home by the case was a distinct treat.

I understand that a local farmer here, has brought spores back from Italy, has apparently found the right trees and will be attempting the results here. I hope that happens in my lifetime.

Just as a somewhat unrelated aside, while we were doing a tour of the local vintners on that particular trip, we came across one fellow who had accidentally shot and killed his favourite truffle dog (an Irish setter) and in the vintner's despair, evident even years later, he had labelled his wines in honour of this dog.

I love truffles.

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