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Barbara in VA: My tastebuds send their thanks for Whitewater Granola Bars. My thighs, not so much.

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Posted to Thread #22602 at 10:06 pm on Aug 5, 2012

I got a bit carried away with the recipe:
1.5 Cups of peanut butter is <i>slightly less</i> than a 12-oz jar, but it all went in.
The small Quaker Oats container is <i>slightly more</i> than 6 cups, but it all went in.
I couldn't decide between chips and nuts, so 2 cups of both went in. Oh, and a cup of dried cranberries too.
I pulled out the jars of sunflower and sesame seeds and the pumpkin seeds were <i>right there!</i> so they went in as well.

By the time I was done, I ended up baking 1.5 trays of granola bars. The heavy half sheet was packed and 25 minutes bake-time still left them slightly soft and chewy. The remaining batter fit into half of a thinner 10x15 pan and 24 minutes left them crunchy. So...pick your pan depending on how you want the bars to end up.

A quick calculation of my steroid version says each bar is 225 calories. Unfortunately, I ate FOUR of them before doing the math. And there is NO WHITEWATER around for me to burn off those calories.

On the other hand, they're delicious with a hot cup of coffee, so thanks!


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