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Andrea, this is the only harissa I've ever had, so I'm not sure how it competes with the real stuff

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La Maroccaine harissa moroccan hot sauce

Imported by Encore of Hingham, MA

Bought at Whole Foods, 12 oz jar, $6.99

Ingredients: crushed hot red peppers, sweet peppers, spices, carrots, sunflower oil.

Memory lane trip: Decades ago, we were staying in the French Quarter of Paris and our little $13 a night hotel was surrounded by moroccan restaurants. We were extremely poor and so we saved up for a last night's meal at a cous-cous restaurant. That day we skipped breakfast because we were going to Versailles and wanted to eat there. We took the Metro, then we took the bus and at some point, the bus stopped and made EVERYONE get out. There was no sight or sign for Versaille...we were just out on a country road. The bus driver didn't speak any English and we spoke no French, but he was clear that we had to WALK the rest of the way to Versailles. (Later we found out it was some sort of Military Holiday and a parade was blocking the road ahead.) We walked 3 miles to Versailles and then continued to exhaust ourselves by walking around the biggest building and gardens I've ever seen. And yet there was NO CAFE to break our fast. By now it's four o'clock and we still haven't eaten and my blood sugar is getting low which is code for Marily is getting cranky.

Found a bus to get us back to the train which got us back to our hotel where we showered and at 5:30 went out to dine at the most interesting Moroccan restaurants we'd passed on our daily walks. It was closed. And the one next door to it was closed. And the next one too. THEY WERE ALL CLOSED. After the shock wore off, we finally figured out they must have closed for the "Military Holiday". So we walked and we walked and Marilyn was getting crankier and crankier and we finally stopped and had the WORST meal I have EVER HAD. Worst Meal Ever. In Paris, of all places. How bitter is that irony. Then we went to a French film because it was hot and muggy and my culinary heart was broken. We got out around 9:00 PM and took the Metro back to our hotel where wonderful aromas hit us as soon as we reached our block. And there we could see ALL of the restaurants were open and crowded with customers.

Turns out they DON'T EVEN OPEN until 7:00 or 8:00 PM, but then they stay open until midnight. Our budget was shot so we couldn't eat dinner again and we left Paris the next morning for the Riviera.

I STILL haven't had a real moroccan dinner and am convinced now that no meal could compete with this olfactory memory.

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