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Cindy (cyalexa)

slow-baked beans and kale

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Posted to Thread #23210 at 1:28 pm on Nov 12, 2012

I can't remember where I first saw this recipe mentioned. I enjoy using dried beans and kale is a favorite so I decided to try it. Only after I bought the beans and had them soaking did I look at the reviews on and chowhound. Some people praised the recipe but many had problems with the beans not softening and the liquid not reducing in the recommended cooking time. My beans took more than double the recommended cooking time and the last hour was done uncovered. I tasted it (before I went to bed!) and it is delicious. I bought dried limas at a big discount superstore and perhaps they were old. I will definitely make this again, either starting it in the morning or planning on serving it the following day. Once the limas are gone I may try a better brand of bean.


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