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Here's a non-chicken idea: Breaded eggplant bites stuffed with fontina and sage. Food torture for

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sure, but worth it. They can be fried ahead and reheated in the oven. The client who showed me this saw Marianne Esposito do it on TV. She freezes them after frying, but I've never tried that.

Find the smallest Japanese eggplants you can. Slice a little skin off each side, then slice them 1/8-inch thick. Lay them out on paper towels in the order you cut them. (You'll need adjacent slices to make little sandwiches.) Salt them on both sides and let them exude their excess liquid. Pat dry.

Take two adjacent slices and fill with a sliver of fontina cheese and a sage leaf.

Set up a bowl of seasoned flour, another of beaten egg, and another of bread crumbs. (fresh or dry, your choice). Heat peanut or canola oil in a skillet until breadcrumbs sizzle on contact. Now comes the torture part: while endeavoring to keep the layers together, dip the sandwiches first in flour, then egg, then crumbs. (I've tried forks and toothpicks to no avail. Just plan on getting very cakey fingers.)

Fry them on both sides until brown and crisp. Once the cheese melts they'll hold together.

Serve with your favorite tomato sauce.

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