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homemade sauerkraut report

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It was great!

Per 450g of cabbage:
10 g salt
10 juniper berries
1 tsp caraway seeds

Shred the cabbage. I used a knife last time but may use the fp next time. Combine all the ingredients in a large non-reactive bowl. Bruise the cabbage very thoroughly with a potato masher or your hands. Load into a crock or glass jar. Put an overturned plate that will completely cover the cabbage into the crock and push it down with enough force to expel all the air from around the cabbage. Weigh the plate down with a jar filled with water then cover everything with a towel. Periodically push down on the jar, forcing the plate farther down into the crock. If brine is not covering the edge of the plate by the next day, add salted water (1 tsp/cup). Ensure that all the cabbage remains covered with brine and all the air is forced out by pushing on the plate on a regular basis for the first couple days, then less frequently. Every couple days remove any scum that forms and wash and replace the plate. Ferment to the desired degree of tartness then transfer to refrigerator.

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