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First dinner guests at the cabin and what a mess I made!

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Posted to Thread #24031 at 9:41 am on Mar 17, 2013

I don't even know where to start....

I and hubby drove up to the cabin yesterday, and since my in-laws were in the area, we invited them to come up and see it. They had never seen the cabin and we have wanted to show them our new place for a long time.

Since it takes 2-3 hours to drive up here, I decided to make dinner and since it's winter, a hot stew would be perfect. Or so I thought.

I started heating up the stew (I had made most of it at home so I was just going to add some creme fraiche and heat it up) but then came the guests and so of course we had to show them the cottage and our fabulous but oh-so-scary-toilet that burns everything to ashes (yup, it's like sitting on a small crematorium. It's quite scary!). The next thing I know the stew is burned and it sticks to the cast iron pan like it's glued to the inside walls.
Since I don't have any other options, I try not to stir too much in it but the damage is done and to add insult to injury, the potatoes were left at home so the only thing we have to serve the burned stew with, is boiled in bag rice. Ack!

My mother in law is such a doll, and she said "this tastes just like you added smoked meat. It is fine".
But it wasn't. It tasted just like burned stew if you ask me :-(

Then I was going to make coffee after dinner. I had never used this type of coffee beans before (got them as a gift for Christmas. They are supposed to be gourmet coffee beans). I have never used the grinder before (also a gift) and to top it off, the coffee maker is new and the instructions were at home. And no coffee spoons in sight so I had to measure the coffee by eye sight.

Apparently my eye sight must be totally off, because the coffee was so thin it was almost undrinkable. And the store bought suryp-and-spice cake just wasn't good enough to make us forget about the stew, the rice and the coffee.

It was a disaster - but the wine was good. I had really good bordeaux red wine and we drank it all!

In other words: It was one disastrous dinner!

On a good note though, it can only go uphill from here......

"I Love Cooking With Wine. Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food."

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