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barb, have you used the "crush" method? We don't like kale "as is" but if you

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work a"lemony" vingairette into it by crushing the torn leaves with your hands for a few minutes, it releases, heck, I don't know...something...the leaves turn much darker and become tender. Most recipes say to do this step and the two restaurants we order it at do this. Larry calls it the Italian Massage.

It seems to tenderize the leaves. We also prefer organic kale because the torn/ prebagged stuff has a very chemical smell to it. Plus, our local grocer either freezes it or else gets it frozen--the LAST time I used this (before switching to organic) the torn leaves collapsed into a bunch of mush when I was crushinig them. Never again, she cried...shaking her fist at Winn-Dixie.

And again, having a lemony dressing is key for me. Along with tasty add-ins, like artichokes, heart of palm, red quinoa, diced tomatoes, cucumbers and parmesan cheese.

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