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If you have not tried the French spice Piment d' Espelette, you are missing out on a slice of heaven

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Posted to Thread #26752 at 4:05 pm on Sep 30, 2014

Last night I baked Yukon Gold potatoes, with a coating of coconut oil on them. We used white truffle butter, sea salt and white pepper on the inside. I decided to sprinkle a little of the Piment on was heaven!. I am addicted to that stuff, keep opening the glass jar I put it in just to take a whiff. I know the fascination will wear off because I am new to the spice by just one week, I went through the tiny jar I first ordered in the week and just got a bulk order yesterday. It came vacuum sealed which upset me at first because the spice was packed so tight it was almost solid. I dumped it into a bowl and used my pastry blender to break it up. The odor was amazing. It is being stored it in a glass jar that is hermetically sealed.

So far, uses have been on chicken, eggs scrambled, hard boiled, and omelette. Halibut salad sandwich, pasta with red sauce, and in my morning tomato juice. Sally BR recipe for Pork Kabobs is on my list too as she said it shines in that recipe

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