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Totally NFRC: NYC, here I come: Oct 9-12, staying at the Lexington (48h & Lex)

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Posted to Thread #28025 at 2:18 pm on Sep 27, 2015

Thanks, Colleen!

Sandra, I'm at home now but will look forward to info on tours at my work email. Thank you!

If anyone else will be in town, I'd love to meet up. So far all I've got planned is Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge walk (probably catch the subway back from that.)

My work schedule has me getting up at 4:00 AM so I'm not sure how I'll handle the timing then...right now I wake up at 4:30 even on the weekends. Today I walked the beach boardwalk IN THE DARK. Felt safe, though because a bunch of surfers were also walking out to the beach.

Please still keep suggesting ideas. I totally suck at planning trips: here's an example. Lar and I were into our 3rd (of 5) weeks traveling with cheap backpacks, staying in garrets and eating very frugally. I was church'd & museum'd out. It was miserably hot, muggy and humid in Venice (mid-July) and we were sweating and exhausted from walking around. I finally found shade in a corner of a large square and we just sat there, planning on how to escape the heat. Lar suggested going into a church (because they were always cool) or movie (free A/C!) but I had had enough of those.

As a result, I missed seeing one of the most magnificent cathedrals--St. Mark's Basilica--in all of Europe simply because I was hot and miserable and cranky.

See what I mean. I'm my own worse travel agent. WHO GOES TO VENICE AND MISSES GOING INSIDE THE BASILICA???

Me, that's who. Worse still...I was SITTING on its very steps while complaining about the heat.

Go ahead. Look at the link and see what I LITERALLY TURNED MY (hot and sweaty) BACK ON.


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