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Here is a photo of mine vs hers so you can see the size difference

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Posted to Thread #28246 at 8:40 pm on Dec 4, 2015

I was able to find nonpareil sprinkles locally in the extra large size at a cake supplies store, but not multi-colored ones. The ones you see in my photo were the biggest multi colored ones I found in my local search, because naturally I left getting them till the last minute that year.

Note: this is a huge 6+ inch cookie.

Still not sure they are piped (they seems so much rounder than the border ones in the above link Traca posted and only the red ones are smaller). Those are clearly piped, they are flatter and some do have peaks you can see (like mine). Or, the person that made them with Snoopy is an outstanding piper (that I can never hope to be, lol).

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