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wigs, finally made your Sour Cream Cranberry cake last night. Definitely a keeper.

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Posted to Thread #28500 at 6:47 am on Feb 24, 2016

Now this is where I walk the Walk of Shame. The frozen cranberries were possibly...I'm not exactly sure...could be but don't hold my feet to the fire...from November 2014.

I didn't even think to look at the package...they were in the freezer and they were available so I used them. I always buy a bag of fresh cranberries during the T-Day food bacchanalia, but in 2014 I ended up buying the entire prepped meal from Publix. So I don't recall using them then.

Of course I might have....think it's leaning towards the possibility that I used a newer bag from 2015. But I had T-Day with Angie and Co and now can't recall actually buying cranberries for that year end.

Then there's the sour cream. I DEFINITELY bought that in Nov 2015 because it was BOGO and wigs posted this in early December.. But the holidays came/went and the memory to make this cake came/went with it.

But Monday night I actually had to BEND DOWN to reach something at the back of the refrigerator and THERE were the two unopened, still-sealed sour cream containers. Their use-buy date is Jan 31, 2016 so I'm kissing this one up to God.

Also I pulled out the ground (not chopped) pecans (quantity unknown) from the freezer that were left over from early December cookie-swap fest and used that with double the brown sugar instead of chopping fresh whole because waste not, want not. Or in my current dieting situation: "waist not, eat not."

I despise getting into all of the crevices of a Bundt pan (because I NEVER get all of them) and this was for work sharing, so I baked it in a 9x13 pan. Perfect in 55 minutes. Might recommend putting a bit more that half the batter on the bottom because my double amount of pecan crumbs seemed to weight it down and compress it more than the top layer of batter. Also, with this pan, you don't have to worry about the brown sugar messing up the presentation.

And regardless of all THAT, it was still very moist, tart and tasty, with just a tinge of pink.
Cause I'm a girl.

Thanks for sharing, wigs!


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