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We bought a PDT750SSFSS (model B4 Michael's) in Sept '14, & I absolutely LOVE IT. I've had 2 KA's

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and 2 Kenmores and one other weird-named dishwasher that a contractor had installed in a new house B4 we moved in, and I can pack more dishes into this GE Profile than I've ever been able to fit in any other brand I've owned. The stainless steel interior is taller than any other I've owned. My model has only 2 racks (I did NOT want the 3rd upper silverware rack so that I could put taller items onto my upper rack.) My silverware basket can be taken out for unloading.

I was a loyal KA dishwasher fan until a neighbor bought one a while back AFTER the company had been sold. She had nothing but trouble with her KA dishwasher so I decided to steer clear of that brand and am glad I did.

The GE Profile is a very VERY quiet model. I was told this is because most manufacturers have taken out the disposals they used to include in upper-end dishwashers. The disposals are what made the noise levels higher. My GE model features 100% Filtration with what they call a Piranha Hard Food Disposer and Removable Filter. (Yes, every 2 months there is a little filter I remove and wash in sudsy water, but it's no big deal.)

I very briefly & quickly scrape & rinse my dishes. They come out sparkling clean WITHOUT having to practically hand wash everything before you wash your dishes in the dishwasher. I have had no trouble with my dishes being "cupboard ready" as far as cleanliness and dryness are concerned at the end of a normal cycle. AAMOF, this is the very first dishwasher I have ever owned that I didn't have to use the HEAVY-DUTY washing cycle, but I only use the Normal cycle.

Note that the dishwashing cycles do take longer now because the government has imposed limits on how much water can be used. So when the machine isn't constantly pumping in clean water, it takes longer for the dishes to come clean. But when I use Cascade packets, I have had no trouble with even baked-on crude coming off. (My normal cycle with extra unheated fan time included requires 4 hours.)

My GE also has a leak feature so it'll automatically shut itself off if it senses any water leaking into the drip pan that lines the outside bottom of the unit, and a light comes on to tell you there is a problem.

And the good news is that I picked mine up for $700--full retail was $1,200.00 at the time, but Home Depot had put the floor model on clearance sale right before the PDT760 version came onto the market. Boy, did I snatch it right up! Haven't had a whit of trouble with it, and I give it a good workout what with catering and all.

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