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New Christmas Cake: Glace Cherry and Pineapple Poundcake

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Posted to Thread #29676 at 5:34 pm on Jun 6, 2017

I baked my Christmas fruitcake on Sunday and I was in the mood to lighten things up a bit this year. While I like the dark English style Dickensian fruitcakes, I was in the mood for a vanilla buttercake filled with cherries and pineapple and came up with this recipe. The test cake is off the charts good. Tempted to just gobble it up now.

Richard's Christmas Glace Cherry and Pineapple Poundcake

300F Oven.

Fruit and Nuts:
2 lbs. glace cherries
2 lbs. glace pineapple in large chunks
1 cup Paradise fruit mix (i.e., "fruitcake" mix--diced orange, lemon, angelica, citron, pineapple, and cherry) -optional. Leave out if you don't like it.
2 lbs. pecans
1 cup raisins soaked overnight in cognac

(All ingredients sitting out for a couple hours at room temp)
1 lb. butter
1 lb. sugar

Beat and whip until light and fluffy.

Add one at a time:
6 eggs

Stir in flavoring:
2 tablespoons of Baker's BLOV (Butter-Lemon-Orange-Vanilla extract. Think the taste of bakery birthday cake. Some cake stores sell it under the name of "Crème Bouquet." Makes a world of difference in flavoring for light cakes)
1 tablespoons vanilla paste

Sprinkle over batter:
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder
4 cups flour

Fold in and mix until combined.

Stir in fruit and nuts and combine thoroughly to coat each piece of fruit with cake batter.

In a large angel food pan with all of the batter, about 1.5 hours

I made a smaller tube shaped ring and 6 small loaves and baked for an hour and they were perfectly done and not overly browned as fruitcakes can tend to get.

We sampled one of the small loaves and it is so good that we can't stop eating on it. Amazing flavor and I love this combo of fruit in the rich vanilla-citrus poundcake.

Wrap in cheesecloth and give it a nice slurp of cognac before sealing up and storing in a cool place. Monthly drinks as necessary up until the Christmas season.

To serve:
Whole glace cherries, glace pineapple rings, and pecans
apricot or peach preserves, heated

Brush cake all over with the hot preserves, be generous.

Arrange fruit on the top to suit your style.

Brush again with another thick layer of preserves until its glistening like a jewel box.

Set out as a centerpiece on the buffet.


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