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*Horror Vacui* (more commonly known as *Nature Abhors a Vacuum*) has just been proven by moi.

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Posted to Thread #30365 at 11:14 am on Jun 25, 2018

Vacuum theories have been around for as long as...well, vacuums. I'm not talking the Dyson kind. I'm talking the "black void of darkness where nothing exists" kind. I'm talking Aristotle bumming everyone out about nature feeling the need to...fill.

Otto von Guericke, Sir Isaac Newton, Gottfried Leibniz, Albert Einstein and Hobbes (the scientist, not the imaginary tiger) all studied vacuum theory. But I just proved it here in my little 8 by 10 foot kitchen.

Four days ago I removed a 14.65 pound frozen turkey from my pull-out freezer drawer to create some room.

14.65 POUNDS! That sucker was huge (and half-priced in November) and right now its spatchcocked carcass is air-drying in the refrigerator.

But, there a 14.65 pound space in my freezer??? Hell! No! It's totally full and once again I have no room. Where did the emptiness go to? Where is the void? Where is the Halloween candy I hid back then?

It's no wonder Socrates drank hemlock. He probably couldn't find any room in the ice cave either.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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