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A few ideas for you...

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Posted to Thread #30739 at 7:54 pm on Feb 3, 2019

First off, my style of cooking is verrry similar to what CathyZ does at her house, though I confess to grabbing a Costco rotisserie chicken more of then than she does and just LOVE how many meals I can get from that one $4.99 chicken including making a lovely stock from the bones and the stock gets used to make yummy soups, stews, etc.

We cherish leftovers for lunch the next day and often find the flavor has improved too.

Some thoughts that come to can get a lot of mileage from casseroles, soups, stews, chili, pasta dishes, meatloaves, and eggplant dishes like ratatouille, caponata, eggplant parmesan, or my new fave: Lebanese Baked Eggplant. Most of these items can make quite a few servings -- a meal for Day 1, then leftover for Day 2 and a bit to freeze in individual portions for future meals. Worth the amount of time you put into a dish to save you time and effort down the road with little sacrifice in flavor/texture for many of the dishes mentioned. Quiche and frittata also yield a good number of portions. And lasagna will yield quite a few portions -- as I recall, your DH loves your lasagna. Filled pastas like manicotti, cannelloni and stuffed shells would also be lovely. Enchiladas filled with cheese or beef or chicken or pork chile verde. Make a batch of spaghetti sauce, divide and freeze into portions you can just pull out and reheat then toss with fresh cooked pasta (and homemade meatballs that you can also freeze ahead), then pair with a salad and wallah, a quick-ish meal on a busy worknight.

Let us know if you would like any particular recipes....happy to post some.

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