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REC: Broiled Self-Saucing Prawns

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Posted to Thread #4052 at 7:47 pm on Oct 20, 2006

I threw this together last night and it was so ridiculously easy and tasty I thought I'd share:

1 sweet onion, chopped
1 bunch green onions, chopped
12 roma tomatoes, quartered
8 cloves garlic, minced
1 bunch asparagus, cut into bit-sized pieces
1 lb. large prawns, uncooked, unshelled.
olive oil
fresh rosemary, chives, and parsley
salt, pepper
Parmigiano reggiano

In a large flat roasting pan, add onion and a slurp of olive oil. Mix, and roast under the broiler for a few minutes to soften onion, but don't brown.

Add the tomatoes, green onions, garlic, and herbs to the pan with another slurp of olive oil. Salt and peper to taste. Stir, return to the oven and broil, stirring a couple times, until the tomatoes begin to start getting browned edges and soften.

Add the prawns and asparagus, return to broiler for 3 minutes, stir (trying to turn over the prawns, but don't take too long and let it cool down), return to oven and finish broiling until the prawns are fully roasted, but not overdone, another 2 minutes or so.

Spoon into dishes and sprinkle the cheese on top.

Can serve over pasta or rice, the tomatoes break down to create a rustic sauce.

The prawns are not peeled so that the shells will add their flavor, which is considerable. In no way could you do this with peeled and pre-cooked shrimp. I bought the large ones since they are so much easier to peel than a bunch of smaller ones. You can quickly peel the prawns before serving if you don't want to mess with it at the table, but I just put a plate out for the discard pile.


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