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Ok,This one is tough! ISO Lamb Shanks w/Sauerkraut

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Posted to Thread #4071 at 11:35 am on Oct 22, 2006

There was an actual recipe, It was given out at a local Pasadena, CA boutique called "Port O'Call" back in the 1960's- It was named, I beleive, after the owners son in law-Mohr Lamb Shanks was the name- What I remember is marinating lamb shanks in red wine and garlic overnight, draining lots of sauerkraut and marinating IT in red wine, dredging the shanks, browning the shanks, covering said shanks with sauerkraut, canned, yes canned whole button mushrooms, caraway seed (very important) covering with wine marinade and braising in the oven for a couple of hours- Anyone ever heard of such a thing???? I have searched high and low and of course Mom, at 82, can't remember exactly!! (She was shocked that i remembered so much!!) I even remember that she woud serve it at small dinner parties with mixed cantaloupe and honeydew balls on the side- Very forward thinnking for the 1960's don't you think??? Anyway, I have the lamb and would love any tips you all have for me- What nationality would something like this be??? Thanks to all my fellow foodies!!

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