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I like my Wusthof 7" Santuko knife. It's a good general purpose

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knife and it fits nicely in my hand. The hollowed edges keeps most food from sticking to the knife and it's slightly curved so that you can rock the knife for chopping onions, garlic, herbs, etc. When I first bought it, I could slice a piece of paper - it was that sharp, so be careful!

I also copied this that RuthSF posted over at EPI:

"I've purchased way too many knives and inherited a great many more, at all price points (Tools of the Trade, Chicago Cutlery, Global) but I have to say that the Wusthof are the ones I return to time and again (got rid of the others!). I purchased as a gift, nearly a year ago, a 10-knife set with block (Wusthof Classic) for $155 on eBay so it's worth shopping around at auction sites like eBay,, and watching Amazon or cooking sites like Chef's Catalog for deals. Knives are as much about finding the right fit, for your hand, as the blade (Wusthof just works best for me). You might want to visit a shop or store, with lots of knife choices, to try the knives in your hand and find a set that works well for you. Also, a full set really isn't 'necessary' (nice but not necessary) as I have a 12-piece set yet only use 3 pieces most of the time so consider a smaller set, one of the starter sets, perhaps? My favorites are:
* paring knife (I prefer the bird's beak but any will do)
* chef's knife with the Granton edge (that's the edge similar to the Santoku knives that are so popular... I just prefer the shape of the chef's knife to the Santoku-style... you can slice most anything with these knives including bread)
* and finally, a decent pair of kitchen shears can be indispensable"

Link: Wusthof 7" Santuko knife

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