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REC:Tortellini Kabobs from Jada/Oregon. These are always a hit!

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Posted to Thread #4956 at 8:39 pm on Dec 17, 2006

I made this recently and it was a hit. You can toss it all together the night before, or that morning, then thread onto skewers and serve. There aren't any real measurements, no right or wrong ingredients.

Tortellini "Kabobs"
1 pkg fresh cheese tortellini (I like the skinniest ones for this recipe)
Small cherry tomatoes
Olives, any kind, or a mix of types
Italian dressing

Cook pasta as directed till just done. Drain and rinse with cool water to stop cooking action. Put in shallow container or ziplock bag. Add other ingredients and toss all with Italian dressing. Let marinate several hours or overnight.
To serve, thread a few of each ingredient onto toothpicks, or party skewers. That's it!

Notes: I added a few spoonfuls of pesto to the dressing. You could also use: mushrooms bite-sized chunks of salami cubes of cheese or? Anything goes!!

Orchidís note: This I got at the old place from Jada/Oregon back in 2002. These are always a hit. I always use tortellini, cherry tomatoes and Fontina cheese.
I also sometimes do kabobs of small mozzarella balls, a basil slice and cherry tomato.

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