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Yes, Pat, I have four Meyer Lemon trees and 54 lemons...two trees are in pots on my terrace, and

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two grafted trees are in the ground. I live about 50 miles North of the Gulf Coast, in LA (Lower Alabama).

These trees are my DH's babies, and he's so proud of them. They perfume the whole yard when they are in bloom. We do get freezing weather here, (it dropped to 22 for one night last week), and our local nursery supply store gave me a great idea to protect the trees from freezing: we string Christmas Tree lights in them! The lights generate enough heat to keep the air temperature surrounding the trees above freezing, and the trees have survived three winters this way. They also look so pretty at night, with the lemons hanging like Christmas ornaments. We had to add a second set of lights last year, as the trees outgrew one set.

Thanks for the Pudding Cakes recipe. It sounds wonderful. Your Luscious Lemon Cheesecake really got my attention. We are going to gain 20 pounds, trying to use up all these wonderful fruits.

I made the BEST Meyer Lemon Marmalade last week and gave it as Christmas gifts. The taste is fantastic. I used a Wilton Candy Thermometer and boiled the mix to 220 degrees. It is very simple, but has a very sophisticated taste. Here's a link to the recipe.

I understand that Meyer Lemons grow in California. Do you have any? Do yours get huge? Many of mine weigh 1/2 lb. each!

It's been fun chatting about Meyer Lemons with you. Thanks again for the recipes.

Happy New Year!


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