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ISO Richard in Cincy: I finaly got around to your Crispy Duck Everytime

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Posted to Thread #5170 at 6:21 am on Jan 3, 2007

It was wonderful, with a potato galette, green beans, and carrots with peas. But I have a question about the presentation:

For the preliminary roasting the night before, I split it down the breast(s) as directed, but the wings were kind of in the way and it was hard to flatten it. The duck was lying on its back, propped up on its elbows, blowse split open with breasts propped upwards (see image).

Not a problem, but when I flipped it over tonight to finish the cooking and crisp the skin, I thought it looked a little like a murder victim--face down with arms behind its back.

I'm wondering: do you butterfly the duck or do you cut it in serving portions first?

The flavor and crisp skin were wonderful! I'm thinking next time I might butterly it by cutting down the backbone, maybe even removing the backbone to fashion some sort of sauce from it and the giblets. I think the duck would lie flatter and the final roast would be breast-side-up.

Any thoughts?

Despite my presentation issues, it was the most successful roasted duck I've ever attempted.


Link: Richard's Crisp Roasted Duck

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