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ISO: Meryl. I liked the Fingerling Potato and Prosciutto Salad you posted

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Posted to Thread #5225 at 5:05 pm on Jan 7, 2007

I halved this recipe using larger than normal fingerling potatoes. I cooked them whole as I did with smaller ones a few weeks ago (skin on). I added a pinch of salt to the boiling water. While cooling on a plate I sliced them in halves or thirds, folded in the vinegar and chilled.

I mixed the other ingredients in a small bowl but found that after folding in the chilled potatoes, the mixture didnít quite adhere to the taters, so I added a bit more of the crŤme fraÓche - shame on me! As Iím writing this, I just realized I should have used kosher salt! Maybe thatís why the mixture didnít stick as well as it should have? The salad was chilled for over an hour and I had some of it with a veal shoulder arm steak.

I think that the mixture, sans the potatoes, would also be a great topping for canapťs.

Interestingly enough, I added a "black" fingerling potato to the boiling pot that I found in the basket along with the gold ones at the store. I just wanted to try it on it's own and found that it was deep purple inside! It was actually much richer than the gold. I wonder what recipes use these? I just googled and found it - see image link.

Thanks for the recipe Meryl!

Link: Fingerling Potato and Prosciutto Salad

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