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in a similar vein - Rec: cabbage steaned in gin

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Cabbage Steamed in Gin

1 med. head cabbage, quartered and thickly sliced
2 oz. gin
1/4 c. lemon juice
grated black pepper to taste
if you salt your Big Mac's, you'll want to add some salt

mix and steam for 1 hour.

Variations And History:
I never know how long i'm going to steam the gin. Sometimes it's as little as 15 minutes. The shorter the time, the crunchier the cabbage.

The idea for this recipe occurred to me in my reckless youth when steaming cabbage with one hand whilst chemically altered (experimental use only [you know how it goes {hey, it was the 70's, OK?}]) and in the other hand holding a glass of gin (Bombay of course). The ensuing creation seemed intuitively obvious at the time. Then again, MANY things seem intuitively obvious in similar conditions (zucchini daiquiris spring to mind [although the problem may have been in using too much oregano]). The important part with the cabbage is that it tasted good the next time i tried the recipe while straight arrow, Howie!!


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