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The REAL Non-stick Stuff

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Posted to Thread #6664 at 4:53 pm on May 19, 2007

I recently rediscovered a recipe I got in a class. The woman who taught the class, claimed to know the elusive secret to getting cakes out of even the most intricate buntcake pans. I might have forgotten all about it, except I won a small bottle of it. A year later, I *finally* got around to using it.

What can I say? I had liquid GOLD on my hands...and I didn't even know it!

I just made a tripple layer cake and each one came out perfectly. I just rubbed the pan with this non-stick stuff. Amazing.

Okay, just know that this may involve a trip to the healthfood store to make...

It's a ratio of:

1/3 lecithin to
2/3 bland oil

No need to make a large quantity. The "sample" I have is in a small squeeze bottle (as tall as my thumb) and after making 4 cakes, it's only half gone.

Thanks to this stuff, I'm a *much* happier baker!

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