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Charlie posted this on Gail's several years ago...

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and it is one of my classic - probably should post in T&T

Charlie: REC: Hot Brie Kisses...
Posted: Sep 11, 2003 12:17 PM

HOT BRIE KISSES Recipe By : Jane Snow 2/3 pound brie cheese 2 puff pastry sheets -- (One 17.3-ounce box) hot pepper jelly Thaw puff pastry at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Unfold pastry and roll lightly with a rolling pin to remove creases. Cut each sheet into fourths, then cut each fourth in half. Cut each piece in half again to produce 16 even squares of dough per pastry sheet. Lightly spray mini-muffin cups with vegetable oil. Fit a square of dough into each cup. The pointed edges of the dough should extend straight up. Cut brie into 1/2" squares. Place a piece of cheese into each dough-lined cup. Top with 1/4 tsp. pepper jelly. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes, or until golden

Mel's Notes:
1) Roll puff pastry thinly enough to cut 24 circles from each sheet - I cut flutted rounds instead of the squares.
2) The weight of the cheese is not enough to keep the pastry from puffing up so I dock it well to help that situation.
3) For several reasons, I soften the brie and cream it all up rind and all and pipe it into the cups - it sticks to the shell better, you don't wind up with little pieces of the rind quite so visible, and you can fill the cups a little better so they bake out a little more even.
4) I like to bake a few minutes then spoon on the jelly after having microwaved it to make it more spoonable - this lessens the chances of it baking over into the tins, sticking and burning.
5) Favorite jellies to use: Foster's Seven Pepper Jelly is the #1 choice! Then several other nice ones are the hot pepper jellies from Rothschild Berry Farms - and their pineapple habanero if you dare! And I have used Harris Teeter's apricot pepper jelly/jam and a nice Southern pecan pepper jelly (just wish it had a little more heat but the pecans were a very nice touch).
6) Make ahead of time and put in the fridge covered. Pull out and pop straight into the oven. Puff pastry really puffs best after a slight chilling. (Minus the jelly)
7) Or make ahead (again minus the jelly) and freeze then pop out of the tins and put in ziplock bags. Presto - appetizers ready to go in minutes.

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