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A use for leftover dips...

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Posted to Thread #766 at 11:49 pm on Feb 10, 2006

I made the Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip and a 7-Layered Dip for the Superbowl, and way too much food for everyone, considering that one of my main eaters had the flu. I was left with at least half recipes of the above mentioned. I was not all that impressed with the Buffalo Dip, but lovers of Buffalo chicken wings, loved it and made swooning sounds while they ate it. I had about one third of it left, so I mixed it with about a half pound of cooked pasta (I moistened it with a little bit more dressing and hot sauce) and it was very well received with the same said fans. The layered dip I added to a meatloaf. It also turned out great. It was one of those days, where I just did not want to toss dips that no one wanted to eat, and I did not want to waste. Yay! A side note: I made a mini lasagna with half the meat loaf mixed into purchased spaghetti sauce. Since I moved to MO, gourmet is not my middle name, but happy is! (smile)

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