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Rec: Dyslexic Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce (sort of)

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Posted to Thread #8276 at 4:40 pm on Oct 12, 2007

My apologies...I STILL cannot figure out the latent sugar problem with this recipe. I've adapted, I've modified, I've reconfigured...but it randomly appears.

It is this randomness that's the issue. If it happened 100% of the time, I could figure it out. But I prepare the recipe and it works for one batch and then doesn't on the next. So I change the recipe and it's perfect. Then I make another batch and it turns slightly gritty after a week or so.

I'm thinking the problem is a slow-acting crystallization, but I've got to stop testing this recipe. I seriously need to lose weight and had lost a few pounds and now it's ALL BACK. Plus more! I blame it on testing this dang recipe since I want to get it consistently correct!

So, sadly, I must provide you with a theoretically flawed recipe for the sake of my ever-spreading thighs.

1 12-oz can evaporated milk
1/4 C water (added since original recipe was posted to match the sugar quantity and fight the crystallization problem)
2 C (16 oz) pure cane sugar
8 oz unsalted butter, soft (I use Plugra if it's on sale...otherwise, I use Land-o-Lakes).
plus either:
16 oz of 70% Bittersweet (Joe & Angie tried this version without the added water)
12 oz 70% Bittersweet chocolate
4 oz 55% Semisweet chocolate
(Dawn, Cyn, Lisa, Pat, tested this one)

I use Callebaut Belgium chocolate for both of these, ordering 5 kg blocks (11 pounds) from Cost ~$45 (+ shipping), so that's ~$5 per recipe and you get 6 jars out of it.

However, Qzina sent me a note that they would be reevaluating their costs every quarter, so I doubt this price is still accurate. This is the stuff you see in large chunks wrapped in Saran at Whole Foods. They charge about $6.99 pound there.

Using a teflon pot, I simmer/boil the sugar, milk, and water for 5 minutes. [You'd think that would break down those little sugar crystals, wouldn't you...but nooooo!].

[I do gently stir, scraping along the bottom with a silicon spatula. The one time I experimented NOT stirring, the evap milk caramelized...and not in a good way. Dumped out that sugar/milk batch in order not to waste the chocolate step.]

Remove from heat and add the chocolate that has been slivered/ or chopped small. Stir until perfectly smooth, then stir in the soft butter.

While all this is going on, I boil 6 8-oz bottles/lid for a few minutes, then add the hot chocolate sauce while the jars are still hot. Seal with lid...I don't process them any further. They usually ping down in an hour or so.

That's it! Larry leaves his sit on the counter and it stays spreadable. If it's kept in the frig (which I would recommend because of the butter if it's going to be around for a while) gently warm at 50% power in the microwave. In fact, warming smoothes out the grittiness, but it eventually comes back.

Or not.

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