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Since there has been some requests lately for crockpot and easy casseroles,

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I thought I would post this compilation that I have been collecting for a friend of mine that is on a very tight budget both financially and time-wise, and on top of that doesn't like to cook.
If you would like a copy of this email sent to your email (then you could just click on the links to take you to the recipes)just PM me with your email and I will send you a copy. This has been a fun project for me. After she looks through the recipes and decides what she wants to make, I will try and put it into a OAM cooking format, and she will come to my house and we will cook up a storm. Whenk I figure out the OAM format, I will post that here too. Now these are not gourmet fare by any means, but they are easy, economical and most can be frozen.


crockpot beef roast:

crockpot cream cheese chicken:

crockpot lasagna:

ron's meatball minestrone:

crockpot chicken taco, burrito or enchilada filling:

easy crockpot mac and cheese:

crockpot black bean chicken:

crockpot taco soup (use mild rotel tomatoes):

crockpot chicken cacciatore:

crockpot olive garden pasta e fagioli soup:

crockpot chicken tortilla soup:

crockpot bbq chicken sandwich filling:

crockpot ravioli:

crockpot navy bean soup:

crockpot cheeseburgers:

crockpot salsa chicken:

crockpot beef stroganoff:

crockpot baked potatoes:

crockpot pulled pork:

crockpot japanese beef stew:

crockpot apricot chicken:

crockpot baked beans:

crockpot nacho dip:

crockpot ranch potatoes:

creamy crockpot chicken:

crockpot chicken and noodles:

crockpot rigatoni:

crockpot chicken enchiladas:

crockpot cuban ropa vieja:


almost white castle hamburgers:

stuffed mini bagels:

pizza bagels:

breakfast bagel sandwiches:

jo mama's spaghetti sauce:

baked ziti (for aubrey) :

all-purpose ground meat mix:

link to use all-purpose ground meat mix:

frozen beef and bean burritos:

frozen chicken burritos:

taco chili (could be done in crockpot):

jammy chicken:

asian pork tenderloin (freeze in marinade):

japanese ginger pork(freeze sliced pork in marinade):

easy grilled chicken (freeze in marinade):

bestest hamburger soup:

mama iuliucci's famous meatballs:

easy pizza pasta casserole:

white bean chili (football soup):

mexicali pork burritos:

easy grilled lime chicken:

mexican manicotti:


beef and cheese tamale pie:

marla's mom's famous meatloaf:

white clam spaghetti sauce:

artichoke alfredo lasagna:

ground beef casserole for a crowd:

healthy chicken or turkey burgers:

creamy chicken and stuffing casserole:

make-ahead and freeze twice stuffed potatoes:

creamy mashed potatoes:

frozen french fries:

frozen hash browns:

broccolli rice casserole:

Not freezer or crockpot:

spanish chicken and rice:

streamlined chimichangas:

blackfoot potato soup:

d's asian cole slaw:

fresh basil rolls/wraps:

guacamole burgers:

just your good ol' chili:

madame wu's spicy noodles:

mimi's sticky turkey:

jalapeno chicken salad:

jalapeno tuna salad:

smoky potato soup:

sunflower frito pie:

tuna spread with capers (or not):

panera's cream cheese potato soup:

italian meatball soup-quick:

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