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Charlie, this looked SO familiar! I dug it up to show you just how much I loved it! Mind you,

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it's getting late now and I can't be bothered "Code Busting" it right now... - lol!

Drats! Sometimes I'm able to paste link and sometimes not - go figure! Oh well, good old fashioned paste:

Sandy/PA: REC: Grilled New Orleans-Style Shrimp  Oooh-la-la... this was very good!! (COMN) (m)
Posted: Jul 21, 2004 5:20 PM

After toiling over what new recipe I could make without shopping, I was justifiably pleased to use my last half pound of shrimp and my last two tablespoons of Lurpaks slightly salted Danish butter to make this great one! Check out all of the good reviews! I made a half-pound serving of this recipe using my new free gift, a Philips 3-in-1 hinged electric grill, and I cooked the sauce on the stove. I was able to fit (13) 26-30 ct. shrimp on the grill. Other reviewers have made the recipe by stovetop, broiling, or grilling. The recipe suggests sopping up the excess sauce with bread. I dared to deviate... and so I bravely and quickly peeled the shrimp after they were cooked and tossed them into the awesome sauce for sopping-up (why use bread? - a Sandy thing LOL). No matter what you want to do, the sauce is scrumptious and is NOT to be wasted! Happy dining! P.S. I just LOVE my new electric grill! I never tasted such delicious thick and juicy chicken breasts or London Broil! Ive been snatching-up the chicken when on sale and freezing it. You cant beat the taste of a peppered (one side only) chicken breast topped with a barbecue sauce after cooked... its very low in fat and oh-so- good! The London Broil turned out like a top-notch steak... seared and cooked to perfection!

Okay, link works now! Haste makes waste - I remember how to do now.

Link: Grilled New Orleans-Style Shrimp

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